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Windscribe Review – Strong and Robust VPN Service

Oct 22, 2020

You will have a hard time deciding a VPN if you start searching them on the internet. There is so many that picking one seems like a big challenge. Of course, not all of them are great, so you have to pick one that you will not regret choosing later. Windscribe is one of the strongest candidates in the VPN service industry today. It has some robust features, great equipment, and powerful VPN solutions that have compelled hundreds of thousands of people to use its services from around the world. Let’s help you find out how good or bad this VPN service is.

Windscribe – The Goods

·         Powerful Browser Extension

Just like many other VPN services, Windscribe has a browser extension as well. However, you have to agree that it has one of the most robust extensions out there. First of all, you do not have to pick your locations because the extension will do it for you. As soon as you are connected to a server, your time zone also changes according to the location of that server. It allows multiple hopping to hide your identity on the internet. The best part of the extension is its ad blocking feature, which you usually have to install separately from any VPN extension.

·         A Free Account

There is a free account for you that you can enjoy for a lifetime. The only price you have to pay for this account is your email address. Provide your email address on the website and you will get 10GB of bandwidth in your free account. This account remains active forever.

·         No User Logs

The VPN service is meant to protect your identity on the internet. It goes the extra mile and hides your information from itself. Yes, Windscribe does not track your activities on the internet when you are using its VPN service.

·         Servers around the World

Windscribe is known as one of the best VPN services today. It proves that in many ways. For example, its servers are located in 63 different countries. These countries are spread far apart from each other so you don’t have a cluster of servers in the same place. You can choose to connect from more than 100 servers.

·         Enterprise Support

It is one of the very few VPN services that suit enterprises and large businesses as well. Scribeforce is a perfect way to manage every employee in your company from a centralized location.

Windscribe – The Bad

·         Customer Support Isn’t the Best

A company with so many customers and so much fame should have a better customer support for its customers. You can’t call the company to get your problems solved. You can only use the FAQs section on the website or open a ticket. The live chat feature only supports English.

Final Thoughts

After looking at the amazing features of Windscribe, you can safely say that it can become the best VPN service in the world if it only works on its customer support. While it is recommendable service, it seems weird that there is no other language supported in the live chat feature despite the fact that the website can be translated in more than a dozen languages.