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Opera VPN Review – It Comes Free But Does It Do the Job?

May 5, 2020
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While the features on Opera VPN are quite limited and basic, you cannot complain much because it is a free service but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers.

Opera VPN Review

Does Opera VPN have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does Opera VPN work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

Opera VPN is one of the services that you will not hear a lot about. It is quite a different service in terms of how you get access to it. Unlike other VPN services, which you have to find and sign up with, it comes right out of the box with your Opera browser. You do not have to pay anything for this service. All you have to do is enable it on your Opera browser. Keep in mind that you can install this browser on just about any operating system you want. Let’s know more about Opera VPN.

Opera VPN Does Not Have Hong Kong Servers,
We Recommend ExpressVPN Instead

Opera VPN – The Good Side

·         You Don’t Pay Anything

As mentioned earlier, it is a completely free VPN for you. There are many other VPNs that claim to be free but that’s not the case. When you use them, you are either bound by a limited time or have to use the VPN with limited features. On the other hand, installing the Opera browser on your computer is enough for you to have Opera VPN. It is already there on the browser and can be activated with a few small steps.

·         It Hides Your IP

So, as soon as you turn on this VPN, your IP will be hidden from the online world. Now that your IP address is hidden, you will automatically be able to escape the restrictions from your ISP and government. At the same time, if you can’t access a certain website because it does not allow IPs from your countries, you can now access those websites without any issues. In some way, it also keeps you safe from the cookies that many websites place on your computer to track your activity on the internet.

·         Comes with an Ad Blocker Too

You have to realize at this point that it is one of the great services that are more like built-in features of the Opera browser. So, when using this browser, you will be able to block unnecessary ads that ruin your browsing experience.

Opera VPN – The Bad Side

·         Just Hides IP

It is a very basic service at its core. It only works with your browser and does not offer the many robust features that you get with paid VPN services. In short, you can’t be too sure about its features.

·         Only Works with Opera Browser

If you are not an Opera user for your browsing needs, you will not be able to use this VPN service. It is extremely limited and has been that way for many years. In short, it is only good for some basic IP cloaking for those who have always used Opera as their main browser.

Final Thoughts

While the features on Opera VPN are quite limited and basic, you cannot complain much because it is a free service. You never have to pay anything for using it. It works smoothly with your Opera browser. If you just want to hide your IP to bypass some basic restrictions from your ISP or government, this might just be the right choice for you.