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CyberGhost Hong Kong VPN Summary

Maintain great protection and speed when you decide to use CyberGhost Hong Kong VPN when browsing the internet or streaming and torrenting but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers.

CyberGhost Hong Kong VPN Review

Does CyberGhost have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does CyberGhost work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

CyberGhost HK VPN Review – An Impressive Solution to Privacy Needs

A Romanian based company, CyberGhost has undergone a number of huge changes in recent years. It underwent a rebranding phrase after it was acquired by Crossrider, an Israeli firm registered in the UK. One of the most prominent effects of the transition was a renewed focus on offering streaming capabilities to the users. As a whole, CyberGhost Hong Kong offers a reliable and easy-to-use privacy services to users at mid-range and low prices. More than 10 million users are currently using CyberGhost and you can also check out its services with the 30-day money back guarantee it offers.


As mentioned above, CyberGhost underwent a transformation recently so it boasts a revamped interface and a whole new set of unique features. When you use the VPN, you will realize that they didn’t leave a single stone unturned in offering the best possible features. When you download CyberGhost HK, you will come across a number of privacy settings. You will first come across a malware, ad and tracking blocker. Other than that, it also offers data compression and automatic HTTPS redirect and all that for free.

‘Smart rules’ is one feature that’s included and this will enable you to automatic certain elements of your VPN. For instance, you can adjust settings so it will launch your web browser of choice automatically after a connection is established. The same rules are also applicable to Wi Fi networks. Apart from that, ‘smart rules’ also enable you to protect specific URLs with the VPN tunnel and exempt others. This feature is not very different from split tunneling.

One look at CyberGhost might confuse people as they may think that the killswitch is not available, but the fact is that it has been permanently enabled in the latest version. There are also NoSpy servers available, which will only cost you just $1 per month. These special servers are located outside of the 14 Eyes and premium hardware is used for configuring them. The NoSpy servers are great for anyone who want the best in security, uptime and privacy.

CyberGhost Hong Kong boasts a list of servers that have dedicated streaming platforms, which makes it extremely easy for people to enjoy streaming services. You can use it for accessing BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, YouTube Red, Hulu and other streaming services that may have been geo-blocked.


The pricing offered by CyberGhost Hong Kong is also impressive, especially when you choose the 18-month plan. It is in accordance with what other VPN providers offer and can give you the best value when it comes to long-term plans. The monthly charges are $12.99, but the semi-annual package will cost you $47.94, which is around $7.99 per month. The cost of the annual package is about $63.00 and this is a monthly cost of $5.25. The 18 month subscription plan will require you to pay $49.50 and this is $2.75 per month.

Each plan offers you access to unlimited bandwidth and you can use the VPN on 7 devices simultaneously. With the exception of the monthly plan, all packages come with free access to a one-year McAfee Total Protection subscription and NoSpy servers. You can fully benefit from the standard payment options offered by CyberGhost Hong Kong, which include PayPal, major credit cards as well as Bitcoin.

Ease of Use

Some of the changes that have taken place after CyberGhost was revamped include the improvements made to its interface. The sign up process is immensely easy as you just have to choose the payment method and duration and you will also have to enter your email address for creating an account. You can install the VPN on as many devices as you like, but as mentioned before, only 7 devices can use it at the same time. The dashboard is very user-friendly and attractive.

When you launch CyberGhost HK, a smartphone-sized window show up at the screen’s bottom right corner, but you can drag it around the screen if you wish. You can unlock the application by logging in. You have the option of choosing the server you wish to connect to or you can simply switch it ‘on’ and you will be connected to the fastest server for your location. Upon accessing the full server list, you will be able to see the distance, the number of users and also the server load for each option.


There are two tabs under the specialized tab servers, which are ‘connection features’ and ‘smart rules’, respectively. The former deals with the malware detector, ad blocker, data compression and HTTPS redirect. This is the area from where you can adjust the settings of all functions that CyberGhost performs in your browser. As for ‘smart rules’, it refers to the automation allowed by CyberGhost Hong Kong. This includes default browser, start-up settings, tunnel exceptions and known Wi-Fi networks.

Supported Devices

When it comes to device support, CyberGhost Hong Kong is the most generous as compared to other VPN providers. This service limits the number of devices and not the number of connections. It has a very high device limit in contrast with other similar services. The platform support is undoubtedly superb as you can use CyberGhost Hong Kong on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Amazon Fire TV.


CyberGhost HK has about 3,102 servers that are located in 60 countries and it offers one of the fastest services that you can find in VPN providers. Latency as well as upload and download speed is excellent. Security is also a strong point of this VPN provider and the customer service is also worth talking about. You can use both email and live chat and the FAQ section is also useful. The pricing plans offer you excellent value because you get access to an expanded set of features and can benefit from a wonderful user experience. Maintain great protection and speed when you decide to use CyberGhost Hong Kong VPN when browsing the internet or streaming and torrenting.