• Wed. May 29th, 2024
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HotSpotShield Hong Kong VPN Summary

Online anonymity is one of the biggest perks that HotSpotShield HK can provide and you can easily browse the internet privately as your data is encrypted. They have chosen to use their own proprietary protocol rather than OpenVPN and it also seems quite effective but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers.

HotSpotShield Hong Kong VPN Review

Does HotSpotShield have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does HotSpotShield work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

HotSpotShield HK Review – An Affordable VPN Solution for All

A premium VPN application, HotSpotShield HK is developed by AnchorFree, a company based in California. It is designed to provide secure web browsing to their customers so they can enjoy an anonymous presence online as their IP addresses are masked quite effectively. Over the years, it has developed a very strong and positive reputation for its service.


HotSpotShield Hong Kong has been created for meeting the requirements of anyone who wishes to surf the internet anonymously and safely. The good thing about this particular VPN provider is that it allows you to achieve the highest level of security, but without having to be a tech genius for doing so. Anyone who prefers to use practical, simple and user-friendly apps will definitely appreciate that it is extremely easy to use HotSpotShield.

When it comes to installation, the procedure is very straightforward and you just need to follow the instructions provided in order to get it done. When you have safely installed HotSpotShield Hong Kong on your phone, you will have absolutely no problem in browsing the web without any worries. The VPN client provides you with a sleek and modern interface and you will have absolutely no problem in knowing what is going on and whether your VPN is turned off or on.

Reliability and Performance

There are numerous servers of HotSpotShield Hong Kong located all over the world in a total of 20 countries and they offer effective internet security. You can mask your IP address with an IP address from Australia, Japan or Germany, which ensures that no one can track you down for gaining an insight into your online activity or for stealing your personal information. With most VPNs, the problem is that your internet speed might slow down, but this is not the case with HotSpotShield HK.

The speed difference does exist between its free and Elite version, but it is not something to worry about. The VPN works effectively on both public and home networks, which means that you don’t have to worry when connecting to your local coffee shop’s Wi-Fi as there will be no risk to your data or device. Thanks to HotSpotShield, you can stay safe from different types of snooping, malware and other scams.


Whether you want a VPN service for your smartphone or for your PC, HotSpotShield Hong Kong is an excellent choice. This VPN application is designed for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and also boasts extensions for Firefox and Chrome. You can use it on your iPod and iPad as well as your Kindle. The Elite subscription package gives you the option of using this VPN app for up to five devices and you can add whatever device you wish to use it on.


You can enjoy the highest level of security when you opt for HotSpotShield HK as it encrypts your data and masks your real IP address. You have the option of choosing from servers that are located in 25 countries all around the world for the purpose of achieving maximum protection. With this VPN application, you can switch between servers from different countries whenever you want.

With HotSpotShield, you have the option of accessing any blocked websites on your network or in the country where you reside. This way, you will be able to enjoy access to websites such as Hulu and Netflix. Furthermore, you can post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or browse YouTube from any part of the world. Torrenting is also quite easily done on Windows, Mac and Android. All uploading and downloading can be done smoothly even if you are connected to a school or business network.

You can stay safe from hackers and scams with HotSpotShield Hong Kong because it encrypts the data and no logs are maintained so your personal information is kept safe from prying eyes. Apart from malware protection, the VPN service can also offer you ad-free internet browsing and also protect you from pop-ups that are dangerous because they contain viruses. Unlimited bandwidth is also another advantage that HotSpotShield Hong Kong has to offer to its clients. You can download whatever you wish and whenever you wish and you don’t have to worry about any restrictions whatsoever.

Privacy and Security

Online anonymity is one of the biggest perks that HotSpotShield HK can provide and you can easily browse the internet privately as your data is encrypted. They have chosen to use their own proprietary protocol rather than OpenVPN and it also seems quite effective. Keeping zero logs is also an appealing fact about this VPN as it doesn’t store any of your log information, which means that all your log-ins, emails and visits are 100 percent safe.

Your real IP address is not revealed when you are browsing the internet under the protection of HotSpotShield Hong Kong and this is an assurance that even if someone does try and track you, they will not be successful.

Customer Support

You can find detailed questions, instructions and answers to most of your problems on the website easily. You can browse through the FAQ section and go through the commonly asked question to see if your answer is there. If not that, you can also go for a ticket, which is sent to the support staff. The answer is provided to you via email and the response time is fast and efficient.

Pricing Options

There is a free trial version available for HotSpotShield HK as well as an Elite subscription. The trial is for seven days and upgrading to the Elite package gives you benefits such as multiple connections and unlimited bandwidth. The monthly subscription is priced at $12.99, semi-annual subscription will cost $8.99 per month whereas the annual package will require you to pay $5.99 per month. There is also a lifetime subscription option, which will cost you $119. There is a 45-day money back guarantee available and you can use popular payment methods like your credit card to sign up for HotSpotShield Hong Kong.