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Speedify VPN Review – That’s What You Call Different

Jul 8, 2020
Speedify VPN Overall Score
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There are many features from this VPN service that you will not find with any other. And that’s why you have to admit that Speedify is the unique one out there but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers.

Speedify VPN Review

Does Opera VPN have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does Opera VPN work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

When looking to download and install a VPN on your computer or smartphone, you go through several services that call themselves different and the best. Of course, they are all different but what they should be aiming for is to be uniquely different. That’s where Speedify comes in. Once you know enough about this VPN service, you will be compelled to say that it is different and probably one of the best out there. Let’s take a dive into all the information about this VPN and see how it is unique and great.

Speedify VPN Does Not Have Hong Kong Servers,
We Recommend ExpressVPN Instead

Speedify – The Most Amazing Features

·         Download on Any Device of Your Choice

Speedify is one of the best VPN services that you will get your hands on today. For that particular reason, it offers you the ease of using its service on just about any platform. Whether you have a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, you will not have any problem using this software. In addition to that, you can download Speedify on your Android and iOS phones as well.

·         Internet Connection Concoction

That’s where Speedify starts to become different from others VPN services. You probably have not seen any other VPN offering you this particular feature. So, Speedify combines the power of all the available internet connections when you are downloading, browsing, and streaming on the internet. This means your internet speeds are never down. The company already has a plan to recover when one of those connections breaks.

·         No Logs Policy

One of the signs of the best VPN services today is the No Logs policy. When a company tells you that it has a No Logs policy, you can rest assured that your internet activities and actions are not being recorded by the same VPN provider who claims to be your savior on the internet.

·         The Best Free Account

It will not be wrong to say that Speedify has one of the best free accounts for you. In this free account, the company will credit 10GB of internet data to your account. You can then use Speedify on one of your devices. This account is there for you without any expiration period. Every month, you will receive 10GB of data in your account. That’s how you create a free version of your service to attract new customers.

Speedify – The Underwhelming Feature

·         The Streaming Mode

There is no doubt that it is a unique idea, and probably one that people have been looking for several years. Stuttering and freezing streams are the most annoying. However, you might not find this particular feature as helpful as the provider claims it to be. However, it is best if you form your opinion only after using the feature on your own.

Final Thoughts

There are many features from this VPN service that you will not find with any other. And that’s why you have to admit that Speedify is the unique one out there. You also have to agree that these features are not gimmicky. If they work, they can add great value to the overall user experience. Speedify is an easily recommendable service for security on the internet.