• Wed. May 29th, 2024
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HideMyAss Hong Kong VPN Summary

HideMyAss offers good security and enables you to maintain your privacy even if you want to download torrents and not stream. The speed is also good and the combination of features make the price appear rather reasonable but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers. 

HideMyAss Hong Kong VPN Review

Does HideMyAss have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does HideMyAss work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

HideMyAss HK VPN Review – Enjoy your Privacy

Based in the United Kingdom, HideMyAss is a VPN service that boasts the largest network on the market. The virtual network provider has plenty of server locations and the only places that it doesn’t cover are Easter Island and Antarctica. This is the best VPN for anyone with unusual needs like routing their browsing through the Faroe Islands or the Central African Republic. HideMyAss Hong Kong is also an excellent option for streaming geo blocked content if you wish to watch your favorite TV shows during traveling. As far as speed is concerned, HideMyAss provides adequate speed, which is great for occasional torrent downloads. It also offers decent pricing and the user-friendly interface also adds to its appeal.


HideMyAss Hong Kong is referred to as one of the most elite VPN providers because it provides its users with access to BBC iPlayer and US Netflix. A mobile-sized client can be found and this is not anchored to anything on the screen. This allows users to keep an eye on it while performing other tasks on their PC. There are a total of 190 countries where HideMyAss Hong Kong has its servers and the locations can be viewed with ease. You can make adjustments in settings to decide whether you want the VPN to launch when you start up.

There is also the feature of killswitch that shuts down the internet connection immediately if there is a failure in the VPN connection thereby ensuring that no one can see your IP address when you are unprotected. Another benefit of the service is that it doesn’t suffer from regular disconnections as other VPNs often do. Other than that, HideMyAss Hong Kong also enables users to select the applications for which they want to use killswitch. In this way, you don’t have to disconnect needlessly while doing something you don’t wish to conceal.

The IP shuffle is also a feature you can get with HideMyAss HK and this will automatically reset the IP address you are connecting from. The purpose is to confuse anyone who might be trying to track your activities.


There are three payment plans that are offered by HMA for individual customers. The service is not as pricey as some of the other VPNs out there and can offer you decent value for money. There are plans for one month, six months and a year, each of which support five devices and offer unlimited GBs in terms of bandwidth. The price of one month is $11.99, six months is $47.94 and $83.88 for 12 months.

There are several business plans offered by HideMyAss Hong Kong and these differ, depending on the number of simultaneous connections that are required. You can find standard plans for 10, 20 or 30 simultaneous connections. In addition, HideMyAss is also ready to create custom plans for business if they want and these start from five simultaneous connections and can go as high as you want. First-time users can take advantage of a seven-day trial free of cost. You need to claim your money back by day four, but you can continue to use the VPN for seven days.

Getting your payment back is as simple as clicking a button on HideMyAss’s website. As for payment options, you can either use credit cards or you can also use PayPal.

Ease of Use

Once you sign up for HideMyAss HK, there is a standard download procedure to be followed. You have to go to the download page and select your operating system. You will give approval for a license agreement for HMA to be installed in the applications folder. After installation is complete, the shortcut icon will appear on your desktop for providing you easy access. Now, it is time for you to log in and a mobile-sized window will appear on the desktop through which the desktop location can be selected.

Some locations are recommended and others can be viewed in the drop-down menu. Switching servers is immensely easy and you don’t have to disconnect manually and then reconnect. You only have to click on the server and HMA will do the rest. The servers are divided into alphabetical groups so you can find the one you are looking for easily. HMA has dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting and you can choose one as per your activities.

Supported Devices

HideMyAss HK can be used for Windows 7 and later as well as Mac OSx 10.5 and later. A Linux application can also be found. Mobile apps for Android and iOS can also be downloaded. HMA can be installed on your router and you can bypass applications for specific devices, if that’s what you want.

Customer Base

The HideMyAss Hong Kong knowledge base is quite decent and you will find the link at the bottom of the landing page. As soon as you visit this page, the customer service people will pop up and you can use the desktop client for tech support, if you need any. In the main menu, there is also a ‘Help’ tab, which opens up three headings that are ‘Getting Started’, ‘Knowledge Base’ and ‘Community’. This is essentially a deeper version of FAQ and can give you the answers you need.

You can get in touch with HMA’s customer service via email if you don’t mind waiting for a response or you can also use the chat function for a quick response. The staff is helpful and can answer your questions properly.


HideMyAss Hong Kong VPN is an excellent choice for those who love watching TV and want to access the in-demand streaming sites without any hassle. It offers good security and enables you to maintain your privacy even if you want to download torrents and not stream. The speed is also good and the combination of features make the price appear rather reasonable. With 900 servers spread out over 190 countries, HideMyAss HK is a wonderful option for accessing the sites you want without disrupting your privacy.