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NordVPN Hong Kong is very secure, extremely user-friendly and affordable. With this VPN, you will be able to access all streaming services with ease. 
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Best Hong Kong Netflix VPNs

Hong Kong Netflix

Netflix is gaining in popularity worldwide as an online streaming site of international movies and TV shows. Even though they restricted China from gaining access to their catalog of films, Netflix is now available in Hong Kong, China. But it comes with a catch—Hong Kong Chinese have a smaller library of content than the US version even with some Netflix Originals.

Yes, their selection of films is limited depending on your geographical location. In Hong Kong Netflix, you get access to only 49.96 percent of US TV titles and only 51.25 percent of US movie titles. Even The Walking Dead is unavailable to stream in Hong Kong Netflix. Likewise, if you wanted access to the list of shows available in the UK, India and other countries, you wouldn’t have this liberty because Netflix will block you from trying to gain access.

But Why Does Netflix Have to Ban Your Country from Access to Other Countries’ Shows?

Netflix is bound by law not to show films to any geographical location until they have paid for the rights to distribute video content to the region. Netflix has license agreements with global production houses. Both parties have to agree on showing their content in your area, and Netflix will pay for the rights to make those films available to you. When you pay for Netflix services, you get to stream movies and TV shows legally on your smart TV, PC, mobile, and tablet.

So Until Netflix Pays for the Rights to Show a US Film in My Country, I Can’t Access It?

It’s not just that Netflix has not paid for rights to distribute shows made by global studios, but some don’t want their productions shown to certain countries. So until they all agree to show those films you’ve only heard of but never got the chance to see, do you think you would have no other choice but wait? There is a workaround to waiting for Netflix to include a US/UK or any other country’s shows in your home country—Hong Kong Netflix VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

The idea is to give Netflix the illusion that you are streaming on US soil because you are using a server that is based there. The same trick is played on the company if you want to gain access to movies only shown in the UK and other countries. You can sense by now that there will be a conflict between Netflix and film producers if they allow VPN servers to play tricks on them. Indeed, Netflix invests a lot in targeting these VPNs and punishing users that use a VPN by cutting them off.

In the terms and agreements of Netflix, there is a clause there that says Netflix has the right to ban a user caught using a VPN server to access restricted content. Many VPNs have already been caught, but now Netflix considers VPN users a minority. Meaning, they are still gaining profit regardless of VPNs crawling into restricted access catalogs. The clause remains on their Terms, but the most reliable VPN servers continue to use their power to unblock Netflix restrictions.

Can VPNs Unlock Only US Netflix?

Surprisingly, US Netflix does not have all the movies and TV series available in the UK and a select few countries too. So if you want access to stream UK shows, Indian film, Asian films, and more, you can with a VPN. You can easily switch your location when you’re with a VPN provider that has extensive access to a large number of VPN servers worldwide. Since Netflix uses your IP address to customize a library of films available to your region, you can tap into a variety of IP addresses from any area to gain access to their library of content.

But Which Hong Kong Netflix VPN to Choose?

It can be hard to pinpoint which Netflix VPNs are strong players and which are doomed to get caught soon. So, we rounded up all the active and strong VPN providers that offer wide Netflix access to Hong Kong, China. For the record, Netflix is not cutting off VPN users. Instead, they are cutting of the VPN servers and providers, so all the users that subscribed to them lose access to their privileges.

When you choose a VPN provider that bounces back quickly from Netflix bans, you won’t have to worry about paying a premium to gain access to virtually limitless video content on Netflix. Of course, Netflix has a plethora of options they have produced, but why settle for those when you can also gain access to even more content by paying a VPN server?

What More Can a VPN Server Do?

VPNs do more than offer you a wider selection of TV series and movies on Hong Kong Netflix. A VPN service is essential for everyone looking to protect their identity and activities online. VPNs serve as a barrier between you and your ISP and all the sites that are tracking your use of the internet. A VPN can also protect you against hackers, and your information is safe even from the VPN servers you connect to who won’t have access to your online information including what you are watching on Netflix.

VPN for Travelers

Perhaps the biggest disappointment with Hong Kong Netflix comes from foreigners who travel to Hong Kong, China and find that they cannot stream their favorite shows on Netflix here. That is no reason to rush your business engagements or your vacation to go back to your home country and binge on episodes you’ve missed. With VPNs, you can stream all US Netflix, and UK Netflix shows while enjoying your stay in Hong Kong, China.

If you’re thinking of migrating here or doing business here for a long period, you can be confident that you won’t miss your favorite homeland programs, even new titles that come in their library. Hong Kong Netflix + VPN is the solution you need to stream limitless Netflix options on your device no matter where you are. Besides, VPNs offer you digital privacy against the government, your ISP, hackers, and anyone spying on your online traffic. The VPN providers we curated currently offer Netflix unrestricted access and internet security at best value rates with a money back guarantee.

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