• Wed. May 29th, 2024
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Hide.me VPN Summary

Hide.me is definitely a great option for people who want to bypass regional bans and government restrictions of their countries and online websites but it DOES NOT currently have any Hong Kong servers.

Hide.me VPN Hong Kong

Hide.me VPN Hong Kong

Does Hide.me VPN have servers in Hong Kong? No
Does Hide.me VPN work for clients using it from Hong Kong? YES

The more you know about Hide.me, the more you start liking this VPN service. You can say that there are not many VPN services that address the needs of their target audience as appropriately as this one does. It offers you everything that you expect from your VPN service provider and then some. There are certain factors that make Hide.me better than any of its competitors. Let’s explore those factors.

Hide.me – The Unmatched Features

·         Free Only Means Free

The generosity that this service provider has shown with its free account is something unheard of. There are many other VPN service providers who have free accounts for their users. However, there is none like this one. Do you know it gives you free access to the VPN without asking for any credit card details? Do you also know that it does not place any adds inside the app just because it is free?

·         The No Logs Policy Is Real

Again, you will notice that this VPN connects with its target audience in the best possible manner. It explains what logs are all about and what the consequences of exposing them can be. After that, it explains how it never gives any law enforcement agency the access to your logs. It says in clear words that it can never give them your logs because even Hide.me does not have access to them.

·         It Is Everywhere in Every Sense

What do you think it means when a VPN service claims to be everywhere? In most cases, they are talking about the devices they support. In this area, you will not be disappointed with what Hide.me has to offer. You can download this device on Windows computers and use it conveniently on your Apple devices as well. It also has a browser extension that works with Chrome and all other major browsers in the world. In addition to that, it has more than 1500 servers located in 60 different countries. That’s what “everywhere” really means.

·         Split Tunneling and Kill Switch

With split tunneling, you have complete control of our applications. You can decide which ones you want to open through your VPN and which ones you don’t. At the same time, you can have some apps/webs opened through VPN and some without it. Furthermore, the Kill Switch feature ensures your IP is never exposed even if you get disconnected from the VPN all of a sudden.

Hide.me – The Features That Need Improvement

·         Pricing Can Be Improved

Upon exploring this VPN service thoroughly, you will not be able to find anything that’s bad or poor. The only thing you can criticize is probably the price for one-month subscription. It is quite high as compared to other VPN service providers, but again, you must know what value you are getting.

Final Thoughts

Hide.me is definitely a great option for people who want to bypass regional bans and government restrictions of their countries and online websites. It is a reliable service with lots of great features you do not get with cheap and lesser known VPN services. It is definitely a great option for personal and business use.