Hong Kong Mark Six – Get Ready for Some Surprises

Mark Six Lotto Game

Lottery fans and enthusiasts are aware that one of the most popular format of the game is none other than 6/49. Therefore, when they come across games with this format, they know what to expect and don’t think they will be surprised. But, there is one lottery that does follow this format, but can actually surprise you and it is Hong Kong’s Mark Six lotto game. This game comes with a couple of unique and exciting twists and turns that add a bit of change and diversity to the traditional format. The Mark Six is one of the top lottery games that are operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Hong Kong Lottery

Mark Six Draws

The drawings are conducted three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. You can buy your tickets approximately 15 minutes before the televised draw is conducted. Not only is Mark Six one of the most popular games in Hong Kong, but it is also gaining recognition in other parts of the world. Throughout the years, the structure of the game has undergone a number of changes and the latest modification was carried out in 2011. Ever since then, there are a total of seven numbers drawn in the Mark Six draw, which comprise of six main numbers and one additional number, which is called the Extra number.

Prize Tiers

There are six prize tiers in the game and a jackpot is paid out people who are able to get all six numbers correct. Most people wonder if the game is authentic and legitimate because it comes with a few twists. The good news is that there is no need for you to worry when you play the Mark Six as it is a legitimate game that’s completely safe to play. It doesn’t matter if you are in Hong Kong or in another country, you can participate in the game without any worries.

Hong Kong Jockey Club

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of Hong Kong’s oldest non-profit organizations. It was formed back in 1884 and had its beginnings as a horse racing operator and also had the responsibility of generating funds for a number of charitable causes. Other than organizing horse racing events, the Hong Kong Jockey Club also holds the responsibility of sporting and betting events as well as lotteries in the country. An interesting thing to note about the Hong Kong Jockey Club is that it is the largest taxpaying organization in the country. Moreover, it is also one of the largest charitable donors in the world.

It contributes about 6.5 percent of all the taxes that are collected by the Hong Kong government. In addition, the Hong Kong Jockey Club also donates about 1 billion Hong Kong dollars to community projects and charities. In 2014 alone, the entity donated approximately 3.6 billion Hong Kong dollars for supporting a number of societal needs. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has a legal monopoly over horse race and football betting in the country. Membership benefits are also offered by the club, but only the wealthiest people of the social elite can take advantage of the exclusivity.

With set rules and immensely strict regulations about gambling and lotteries, Hong Kong is one of the very few countries that offers legitimate betting opportunities to people around the world. A respectable entity, which has been around for centuries, guarantees the Mark Six lottery game due to which people can play the game without any stress. In simple terms, the Mark Six game is a jackpot style lottery game, which is well known in the country. The game can be traced back to 1975 and has a huge following in the country. As a matter of fact, it has become a part of everyday life for the citizens of Hong Kong.

How To Play

Playing the Mark Six lotto game is extremely easy for everyone. All that people have to do is choose a total of six numbers from a range of 49. You will be able to win the Mark Six jackpot if you are able to match all six numbers that are drawn. The extra number, which is drawn every time, is also important because it is used for determining the winners of the second, fourth and sixth prize tiers. The game also comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot, which is an impressive 8 million Hong Kong dollars.

Roll Overs

If a respective drawing does not have a winner, then the amount of jackpot will be rolled over to the next one. Hence, Mark Six boasts a progressively increasing jackpot, which has attracted many people all over the world to this game. Every year, there are three potential rollovers that can be made and this makes the jackpot prize very significant. The draw starts at 10 p.m. local time and give people lots of opportunities to win prizes throughout the week, thanks to the numerous prize tiers.

Choosing Numbers

When you are playing the Mark Six lotto, you can choose your numbers manually. In the case that you don’t want to make your number selection, the Quick Pick facility is also available. Here, random numbers will be generated for you through the computer terminal. The cost per entry in the Mark Six lottery is around 10 Hong Kong dollars. Other than the weekly Mark Six draws that are held throughout the week, the Hong Kong Jockey Club also conducts several Mark Six snowball draws throughout the year. The snowball draws boast massive jackpots and they are held on special occasions such as during festivals like Christmas, Easter, mid-autumn, Chinese New Year and summer.  

Furthermore, snowball draws may also be conducted on public holidays. Some of the funds that are generated through the sales of tickets for the regular Mark Six draws are also used for creating the prize pool of the Snowball draws. This is one reason why these draws tend to have high jackpot amounts. On occasion, the jackpots of the Snowball draws are known to reach spectacular amounts of around 100 million Hong Kong dollars.

Playing Online

Previously, the Mark Six lottery game was only accessible to people who were residing in Hong Kong. The tickets were bought from authorized Hong Kong Jockey Club retailers throughout the country. However, thanks to technological advancement, the modern Mark Six is not the same. Now, players from any country in the world can participate in this game. There are online lottery ticket retailers such as Lottosend who are authentic and they can be used for buying tickets for the game from anywhere.

This is a very good thing because if you don’t live in Hong Kong, it is not necessary for you to become a citizen of the country in order to play this game. As far as age requirements are concerned, players need to be at least 18 years of age in order to play the Mark Six lottery. This rule is applicable across all lottery games available in Hong Kong and not just in the Mark Six lottery. As compared to lotteries around the world, the Hong Kong Mark Six is a very competitive one.

How To Win Prizes

There are seven different ways through which prizes can be won. Let’s take a look at how this can be done:

  • You can win the jackpot if you are able to match all six numbers in the Mark Six lottery. The odds of a player accomplishing this are 1 in 13.98 million.
  • The second prize can be won by players who match five of the total six numbers in the draw and also the seventh extra number. The odds of a player taking home the second prize division are 1 in 2.33 million.
  • A player who is able to match just five of the six numbers drawn will win the third division prize. This odds of achieving this are 1 in 54,201.
  • You have to match four winning lotto numbers and also the seventh extra number if you wish to take home the fourth division prize. The chances of a player succeeding in this case are 1 in 44,393.
  • The odds of winning the fifth division prize are 1 in 1,032. In order to win this prize, all you need to do is match four out of the six numbers drawn.
  • The sixth division prize is paid out to the players who is able to match three out of the six numbers correctly and also the extra number. The odds of getting this done are 1 in 2,436.
  • The last prize category will go to the player who matches three of the six numbers that are drawn in the Mark Six lotto and the chances of this happening are 1 in 57.

Odds of Winning a Prize

The overall odds of players winning any prize in the Mark Six lottery draw in Hong Kong are 1 in 53.65. These are relatively good as compared to some of the other lottery games out there. The second prize tier in the Mark Six lottery game is not fixed. The amount that players can take home depends on the number of winners and the funds that are generated through the sales of tickets. Fifteen percent of the total funds set aside for the prizes go towards the second division prize. As far as the amounts for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh prize tiers are concerned, they all have fixed amounts. These are 9,600, 640, 320 and 40 Hong Kong dollars, respectively. In the case of the third prize, 45 percent of the remaining prize fund after the first and second prize is set aside for it.

Record Jackpot

To date, the largest ever jackpot that has been won in the Hong Kong Mark Six lottery game was worth 164.49 million Hong Kong dollars. Two ticket holders took home this prize and divided it equally amongst them. This happened in the Mark Six draw that was conducted on September 13, 2014. The second biggest jackpot in the history of the game was paid out on May 20, 2011 and it was 133.52 million. It was three lucky players who won this prize and divided it equally.

Prize Payments

The prizes for the Mark Six lottery game are paid out by the Hong Kong Jockey Club in two ways- either in the form of cash or in the form of cheque. It is up to you to decide what method you wish to use. Winners can claim their prize in the Mark Six game by presenting their ticket within 60 days of the day of the drawing, after which they will not be able to do so. If your prize is up to 1 million Hong Kong dollars, you can collect it from any racecourse betting counter or any off-course HKJC betting branch.

If the prize you win falls between the range of 1 and 5 million Hong Kong dollars, you will have to visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s main headquarters to claim it. If you have won a sum that’s more than 5 million dollars, you will first need to call the club’s hotline. In the event that you have bought your tickets for the Mark Six lottery game online, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle of claiming prizes. This is due to the fact that your online agent will deal with the process and your winnings will directly be credited to your account.


One final and very important thing that players should remember is that no income tax has to be paid on prizes that you win through the Hong Kong Mark Six or any other game in the country. However, international players will need to check the regulations in their country in this regard because local taxes might apply to their winnings. Suffice it to say, Mark Six is a very lucrative game for both local and international players and is definitely worth a try.

The ticket price of the Mark Six are very low and comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot. There are three drawings in a week and six additional tiers, other than the jackpot, which means there are plenty of prizes to go around for everyone.